Video Vault: Ronald Reagan's 1984 presidential visit to Cleveland to campaign against Walter Mondale

President, Walter Mondale both campaign in NE Ohio

CLEVELAND - As the political world knows, it’s "Ohio, Ohio, Ohio" each presidential election and 1984 was no exception.

A few days before voters went to the polls to choose between the incumbent, Ronald Reagan, or his Democratic challenger, Walter Mondale, both candidates were in northeast Ohio.

For Reagan, it was his only appearance as president in Cleveland. Reagan came to Cleveland for the presidential debate against Jimmy carter in 1980, but Reagan was only candidate Reagan, Carter was the President.

Walter Mondale was the underdog in the 1984 race. On Nov. 2, 1984, both men were a few miles apart campaigning.

First in our video player are two stories on Reagan’s Cleveland appearance. The 40th president was in front of the Old County Courthouse on Lakeside Avenue in downtown Cleveland.

WEWS reporter Roger Morris covers Reagan in town. Morris says poll point to Reagan’s re-election being a forgone conclusion. His visit speech is pointed at Congress and to aid local Republicans.

The second story on Reagan’s stop in Cleveland is from Marty Gould. Gould does his story from way back in the crowd and profiles two people who view the president’s visit with awe; a young man from the Soviet Union and a gentleman from Romania. Remember this is the Cold War era and the world was quite a different place.

Our final story is Mondale’s visit to Lorain’s Admiral King High School. WEWS reporter Steve Craig covers the rally in the school's gym

Mondale is trying to rally the faithful in a tough election. A funny sign in the crowd read, “Re-elect Mondale in 1988.

Reagan would bury Mondale in the election of 1984. Mondale took his home state of Minnesota and the District of Columbia for 13 electoral votes, Reagan won 49 states and their 525 electoral votes.

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