Video Vault: Spaceship Santa and the Sterling-Lindner tree, a 1960 Cleveland Christmas

Cleveland Christmas festivities in 1960

CLEVELAND - It's a scene that looks like it came out of the movie A Christmas Story. Santa's in a spaceship and if you want to talk to him, climb in a rocket and talk to him via radio. The only thing missing is the 'Ho Ho Ho.'

Christmas 1960 and we're in a space race with the Soviet Union, why not let Santa join in?

Pulling clips from our archives, very little information was provided on the index cards. What store is this? If you'd like to help out with some background, please add your input to the comment section below.

I do recognize the legendary tree in the Sterling-Lindner department store. We see before and after the lighting, as well as some activities in the store. Before the decade was out, the store would close for good.

Hey! Isn't that singer Johnny Mathis performing at the lighting ceremony on Public Square? Again, no info in the archives but an Internet image search from 1960 confirms my suspicions.

A look at the lights on the Square followed by shoppers crossing Ontario by Fannie Farmers, a more traditional Santa and a train ride.

Merry Christmas.

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