Video Vault: WEWS Jacobs Field preview special 1994

CLEVELAND - More than twenty years ago on the eve of the first game at Jacobs Field, WEWS did a 30-minute preview show titled, "Jacobs Field: Your First Look".

WEWS anchors Lee Jordan, Ted Henry, Lorna Barrett and Roy Weissenger wandered the ballpark pointing out amenities and some of the just plain cool things in the new facility.

Alan DePetro did two stories, a look at the building of the park and another on the recently opened Camden Yards in Baltimore. The Baltimore park was the newest in the big leagues at the time. DePetro used it as a possible blueprint for what a new park in Cleveland would bring here.

Fun to watch in his story on the construction of Jacobs Field is the time-lapse photography as the stadium goes up from photographer Jenny Jones.

Sports reporter Bob Stevens shows us the clubhouse and player facilities, while our sports director Nev Chandler gives his thoughts on the part and organization.

Chandler was battling cancer and would die just a few months after the show aired.

Lee Jordan interviews team owner Dick Jacobs. Jacobs' thoughts on the park and team could be used today in the vote on the sin tax.

"It's good for the city, good for northeast Ohio, good for the public that supported it with the so-called sin tax, this is their facility" Jacobs says.

Finally, our weatherman Don Webster forecasts what moving away from the lakefront and Municipal Stadium will mean weather-wise for the players and fans.

The first game at the park was an exhibition game between the Cleveland Indians and the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 2. The Pirates won 6-4. The Tribe would win the real first game at Jacobs Field besting Seattle 4-3 in 11 innings.


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