Video Vault: WEWS Morning Exchange April 15, 1988

First hour of tax day show

CLEVELAND - We here at WEWS often hear from folks wanting us to bring back the Morning Exchange. I can't bring it back, but I can give you a look back at one hour from the show's Lee Jordan era.

The popular live, local show ran from 1972 until 1999. It was the model for many morning shows including ABC's Good Morning America.

Very few editions of the WEWS Morning Exchange (MX) were saved in its 27-year run. Some were saved on purpose, like anniversary shows or a special remote show, others were saved by accident. This show from 1988 may have been one of those shows saved accidentally.

This is the first hour of the April 15, 1988 show. Fred Griffith, Joel Rose and Lee Jordan are the MX couch as the show begins. Griffith and Rose had been with the show since mid-1972; Lee Jordan joined it just nine months before this live show aired.

The beginning of the show showed why it had such a long local run — chemistry. They quickly touch on it being tax day then move on to a discussion of the upcoming season at Blossom Music Center.

There are four segments in the first hour, two of them devoted to a very long interview with soon-to-be-departing head of BP America Robert Horton.

The Morning Exchange was big on long-form TV interviews as evidenced by Griffith's sit-down with Horton in the executive's Public Square office. A sizable portion of this interview pertain to Horton's view of Cleveland.

Joel Rose hosts the third segment with senior athletes. A demonstration of their strengths and achievements as they prepare for an upcoming weightlifting competition.

A couple of things to watch for elsewhere in this hour — a Mother's Day's contest featuring production crew member Phil Parisi hiding under the covers in a bed being given away and the news cut-ins with former WEWS staffers Joel Grover and Dan Maly.


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