Video Vault: WEWS promo puts Florence Warner's face to the angelic voice behind 'Catch 5'

1983 WEWS promo

CLEVELAND - Recently, I posted a story on the WEWS “Hello Cleveland” campaign.

The 1981 promos are visually stunning, but the voice singing “Hello Cleveland” is angelic. That voice belongs to Florence Warner.

Warner sang not only in WEWS promos campaigns and those in other markets, but is also a successful pop recording artist.

As for her WEWS work, after the “Hello” campaigned ended, WEWS went back to the ever-popular "Catch 5" with Warner handling the vocals and we get to see the woman behind the voice.

The early to mid-80s promos feature the voice of Warner again but we actually featured her singing on camera.

There were a number of these and I’ve posted in our video player a one-minute version which shows Warner and some of our WEWS staff. There are some versions in which Warner is the one person shown. The camera begins wide, tracks in to Warner, before tracking away to a closing animation.

The WEWS staff version in this edition of the Vault has a cavalcade of WEWS stars: Don Webster and Dan Dobrowolski aboard Webster’s boat the Forecaster, Wilma Smith cycling, Fred Griffith and Gib Shanley, giving a surprised Dorothy Fuldheim a cake, while Jenny Crimm, Jan Jones and Don Webster look on, Ted Henry, Pat Minarcin in a coffee shop, Gib playing weightlifter with some Cleveland Browns, Fred Joel Rose, Jan and Jenny with bowling alley hijinx before Warner – in a dazzling gown, is applauded by the WEWS staff.

Sing along as we “Catch 5”.

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