Video Vault: WIXY stunts included on-air drinking and chest measuring

AM rocker ruled Cleveland airwaves for a decade

CLEVELAND - WIXY 1260 ruled the airwaves in Cleveland from the mid-60s into the 70s.

Longtime Clevelanders will remember disc jockeys Larry “The Duker” Morrow, The Wild Child, Billy Bass, Jack Armstrong, Chuck Knapp, "King" Kirby, Jim LaBarbara and Mike Reineri.

Personalities and the music were a big part of its success but concerts (the station sponsored a Beatles' concert at Municipal Stadium) and stunts were a part of the station’s success as well.

I’ve loaded three of those publicity stunts into our video player.

First is the Reineri Drunk test. Morning man Reineri had a nurse accompany him on the show as he drinks and blows into a breathylizer in Jul, 1967 to see how it affects his on-air performance.

A man is interviewed giving his analysis of Reineri’s condition. Reineri steps to the microphone and confidently nails a slew of tongue twisters.

The WIXY Kiss-Off is next. In May 1971, couples were trying to break the world’s record of kissing set just a few months before in Florida of 96 hours.

Finally, a contest I can’t believe took place; it was to find the Cleveland lady with the biggest chest. This stunt at East Ninth and Euclid Avenue drew a huge crowd and snarled traffic and police came in by horseback to break things up.

Not in the category of stunt but odd nonetheless, a billboard from 1976 as the station, waning in the ratings, tried to revive its image with a quirky Foster & Kleiser billboard.

Just to show you it wasn’t all fun and games at WIXY, I’ve added two clips of labor disputes at the station and its FM counterpart WDOK from 1966.


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