President Obama visits Cleveland's ArcelorMittal to discuss plant's revival, give speech on economy

CLEVELAND - Amidst his lowest approval ratings yet, President Barack Obama comes to Cleveland.

The White House says he's here to tour ArcelorMittal to witness the steel plant's successful revival after the ‘Great Recession.' The company brought back people who lost their jobs during the recession and even hired more.

Mr. Obama is expected to arrive in Cleveland early in the afternoon, bringing rolling road closures as he travels through the city.

He's expected to deliver a speech at 3 p.m., highlighting the strength of American manufacturing and the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Washington Post reports the President will also address his policies on energy efficiency and the auto industry. Much of the steel produced by ArcelorMittal goes into cars.

NewsChannel5 will live-stream both President Obama's arrival on Air Force One at Hopkins Airport and his speech at ArcelorMittal.

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