Cincinnati toddler doing OK after 4th brain surgery; Girl shot in head while pregnant mom killed

CINCINNATI - The Brown County toddler who was shot in the head while her pregnant mother was gunned down in August underwent her fourth brain surgery Monday.

Aubree Stykes was rushed to the hospital for another emergency surgery last week and returned to the hospital for a fourth operation Monday morning.

David Dodson, Aubree's grandfather, said she was out of surgery around noon and is doing "okay." The surgery lasted about four hours.

Dodson expects her to remain at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for "a couple days" while she recovers.

During the surgery, her family said doctors inserted a shunt to help move fluid from her head to the rest of her body.

After Aubree came out of her third surgery on Oct. 6 she was hit with a few setbacks.

"Laying around lifeless, severe vomitting, moaning in pain," reads the family's Facebook page about Aubree's condition. "Please everyone pray for Aubree to stay strong as she is probably facing another surgery on Monday."

The Stykes family posted on the Stykes Family Fund Facebook Page the 16-month-old had too much pressure building in her head, which caused fluid to leak from her incisions.

Monday's surgery marked the fourth at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for the toddler who was shot in the head on Aug. 28 while her pregnant 22-year-old mother Brittany Stykes was shot to death in her Jeep off U.S. Route 68.

Police do not have a suspect in the case at this time. If you have any information, the Brown County Sheriff's Office asks that you call 937-378-4435.

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