FBI joins search for missing Toledo 1-year-old girl

TOLEDO, Ohio - Search teams are covering more ground as they look for a missing 1-year-old Ohio girl.

Friends and family spent Wednesday handing out fliers of Elaina Steinfurth. On Thursday, investigators widened their search for the little girl missing since Sunday.

Officers combed through woods near a Toledo bridge. Crews from Toledo water rescue teams again searched the Maumee River. The FBI has also joined the search.

"Where we want to make sure that nothing is overlooked. We want to go through every vacant house, every garage, every container, an old refrigerator that might be lying out in the alley," Toledo Police Sgt. Joe Heffernan said.

Police got involved in the case on Sunday when Elaina's father said he went to pick her up and the girl's mother refused to hand her over, saying she was gone. At first, they said they believed it was a custody dispute.

Officers said they have questioned the family.

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