Governor John Kasich signs bill limiting JobsOhio audits

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Proceeds of JobsOhio's $1.5 billion liquor deal will be shielded from public audit under a bill Gov. John Kasich has signed into law.

Kasich signed the measure Tuesday.

It's meant to clear up disagreement over whether Ohio Auditor Dave Yost has the authority to review the private financial records of the private, nonprofit entity created by Kasich to spearhead economic development.

The GOP-dominated Legislature passed the bill at the administration's urging after JobsOhio was forced to turn over its private books through a subpoena from Yost.

The legislation limited Yost's authority to JobsOhio's public funds and specifically defined proceeds of a bond deal backed by 25 years of state liquor profits as private, not public, money.

Yost, a Republican, and legislative Democrats raised concerns over the measure.

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