Higher speed limits to take effect on rural Ohio highways

COLUMBUS - Drivers will see higher speed limits starting Sunday on some sections of U.S. and state routes in Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Transportation will increase speed limits on 607 miles of roadway, according to an ODOT press release. This marks the second time this year speed limits have increased following new legislation passed earlier this year by the Ohio General Assembly.

The speed limit on rural divided highways will increase to 60 miles per hour, affecting nearly 194 miles of roadway. Rural expressways without traffic control signals will limit speeds to 65 miles per hour on 15 miles of roadway. Drivers will be able to travel up to 70 miles per hour on rural freeways - a change coming to 398 miles of roadway.

Updating highway signs will cost ODOT $114,845 in production, according to the press release. ODOT will replace 580 signs while 520 will be updated using overlays that cover part of the existing speed limit sign. Installation for most of the signs should be completed by Friday, Oct. 4.

On July 1, speed limits increased from 65 to 70 miles per hour on 570 miles of rural Ohio interstates. Drivers were already allowed to travel 70 miles per hour on the entire Ohio Turnpike.

For regional maps highlighting the speed limit changes, click here.

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