Hamilton County judge blocks Cincinnati village Elmwood Place traffic cameras

Judge: Scam motorists can't win

CINCINNATI - A southwest Ohio judge is ordering a halt to a speeding ticket blitz in a village that installed traffic cameras.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman said Thursday that Elmwood Place is running "a scam" against motorists. The village began using the cameras in September, resulting in some 6,600 speeding citations in the first month at $105 each.

Business owners and motorists charge in a lawsuit that the cameras are hurting the village's image and businesses, and says they were put into use without following Ohio law for public notice on new ordinances. They also say it's unconstitutionally difficult to challenge citations and that they are a revenue grab.

Village authorities say camera use has been upheld by other courts, and they have made the village safer.

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