Leniency considered for John Wise in wife's Akron hospital killing

AKRON, Ohio - An Ohio judge says she will consider a lighter sentence for a man facing up to a life term for fatally shooting his ailing wife in her hospital bed.

Judge Mary Margaret Rowlands in Akron told attorneys for both sides Tuesday that the sentence for 68-year-old John Wise of Massillon must fit within legal limits.

The prosecutor said earlier that the unique circumstances warranted a lesser sentence for Wise than a mandatory 20 years to life for aggravated murder.

Instead Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh suggested that Wise be sentenced on the lesser included crime of manslaughter and get a six-year term.

The defense welcomed the leniency offer. No sentencing date was set.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Wise sat quietly in a wheelchair during the court session.

Information from Akron Beacon Journal

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