Next-door Ohio neighbors step up years of strife

LOVELAND, Ohio - This isn't how Loveland got its name.

Owners of next-door homes in the northern Cincinnati suburb have been at odds for the last decade. Their disputes over boundaries, threats, damage to each other's property and other strife have made them familiar names among police, city officials and local courts.

They are headed to a new showdown in court over Chris Bucher's allegation that neighbor Judith West purposely killed his 100-year-old silver maple tree. She denies responsibility.            

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that West says she has dozens of videotapes of Bucher on her property, and she positioned bright floodlights at him. Bucher in turn built an eight-foot-tall fence painted a bright pink.

Bucher now rents his house out, and would like to sell. West says she's not going anywhere.

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