Ohio State board lays out rules for president after Gordon Gee's comments on Catholics

Ohio State University trustees have warned president Gordon Gee that he could be fired for future incidents of inappropriate comments, such as those in December criticizing "those damn Catholics." The plan that trustees are requiring Gee to follow:

--Issuing personal apologies, as appropriate, to any group that you have offended;

--Engaging a coach with particular expertise in helping you to facilitate and foster a healthy, open, and diverse twenty-first century higher education with a global presence and voice;

--Seeking the assistance of professionals who could assist with revisiting your personal communications and speechwriting processes, content, and office structure, to identify additional ways to ensure more consistent messaging and statements that are better aligned with University priority goals and core values;

--Reviewing the prioritization of your time, with a particular focus on a more targeted selection of the most appropriate speaking engagements and appearances at which your presence is requested, so that there is stronger alignment between the use of your time and core messages that you deliver in furtherance of the University's goals and priorities; and

--Using your voice to set the standards for civility, inclusion, and collective aspiration to bring people together and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Source: AP Research.

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