Reports: Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev bought fireworks from Ohio-based retailer

CLEVELAND - There's an Ohio connection to the Boston Marathon bombings.

CNN reports one of the bombing suspects bought mortar style fireworks at a Phantom Fireworks store in New Hampshire. Phantom Fireworks is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio.

The vice president of Phantom told a Boston TV affiliate that Tamerlan Tsarnaev spent $200 on something called Lock and Load fireworks in February. It was a large, reloadable mortar kit with a firing tube and 24 shells. The woman who sold him the fireworks said he did have a question,

"He just wanted the biggest, loudest stuff in the store," said Megan Kearns, an assistant manager at a Phantom Fireworks in New Hampshire. "It's something we get asked by almost every customer who walks in the store."

Kearns said the only thing that stood out about Tsarnaev was his Russian accent.

Phantom says they called the FBI once they realized the bombing suspect bought the explosives and registered for them.

The vice president of Phantom says the fireworks Tsarnaev bought were not enough to set off explosions like the ones at the Boston Marathon.

Adam Sexton, reporter for WMUR-TV in Manchester, NH contributed to this report.

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