States of Shame: Ohio is nerdiest state

Nerds! That's the label given to Ohioans on a map titled "The United States of Shame" circulating on the Internet.

Humor website gave Ohio the dubious title of "nerdiest" state because more people per capita (6.9) visit libraries than anywhere else.

At the downtown library, bookworms like Jai Allday and librarians like Stephanie Cooper welcomed the tag as a badge of honor.

"If we're labeled that, then please talk nerdy to me," Allday said.

"I am pretty proud of it," Cooper said. "It means we are filled with readers."

Allday said she scours the bookshelves "at least four to five times a week."

She calls the main library her second home.

"It has everything I need, whether I'm looking for educational material, music, movies," Allday said.

It seems that Cincinnati is the nerdiest of the nerdy. Patrons checked out more than 6 1/2 million items last year.

That's three million more than the No. 2 city, Cleveland. "It gets pretty hopping," Cooper said.

It can get so busy, Cooper said, that librarians sometimes have to call for backup at the circulation desk.

Still, for all that supposed shame, Allday has a somewhat selfish suggestion.

"I'd love for them to sort of set me up a cot in the back. It would make it a lot easier for me to come down and do what I need to do."

Library visits might not spell out shame in comparison to Kentucky, the "Cancer Death" state.

Census information used in the survey indicates 227 per 100,000 people die annually from the disease in the Bluegrass Sate. In addition, Kentucky just happens to have the highest rate of tobacco smokers at 25.6 percent.

To read the complete list of "shame" statistics and methodology, visit .

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