Toledo woman struggling with bouts of short term memory loss gets 'cheat sheet' from best friend

TOLEDO, Ohio - A Toledo woman who struggles with bouts of memory loss is getting a helping hand from her best friend: an endearing cheat sheet.

Joleen Delgado knows she can count on her best friend to help. Afterall, that friend created a memory cheat sheet for her several years ago when she was in intensive care.

The letter titled "Read This" is being read around the globe. From the Huffington Post to Gawker to countless blogging sites and even the UK's Daily Mail, everyone is buzzing about the letter.

"I really just did it because I didn't want her freaking out and not be able to get a hold of anybody and not knowing what's going on," said Kerstyne Kromer, who's been dubbed the ultimate best friend.

"I can't imagine waking up in the hospital and not knowing why."

Kromer put together the thoughtful and clever cheat sheet for Delgado, who suffered severe short term memory loss at the hospital in 2011 due to a medication mishap.

"We've encountered a lot of walls in my medical care," explained Delgado. "To kind of have some people being really encouraging and saying 'Hey, we care about you guys,' has been pretty nice."

READ the entire letter here:

The letter's popularity can be attributed to its playful answers to Delgado's commonly asked questions.

"I wanted her to be reading it and laughing and not totally nervous and scared, so I tried to inject a little bit of humor into it," explained Kromer.

One thing tickling bloggers is Delgado's constant fascination with the hospital floors.

"She kept texting me that same thing, mentioning it while I was there," said Kromer. "I was like the floors are not that cool."

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