Video Vault: A very frigid 1993 Cleveland St Patrick's Day parade

Kilts and parkas worn on March 17, 1993

CLEVELAND - Were you one of the people who braved the cold to attend the 1993 Cleveland St. Patrick's Day parade? If so, have you thawed out yet?

Amid the snowflakes and icicles of a Cleveland wintery St. Patrick's Day parade, some shamrocks, kilts, bagpipes could be seen.

March 17 in Cleveland weather-wise is a gamble. Some years it's 70 and sunny, other are like the day seen in our video player in 1993....miserably cold.

Nevertheless, our intrepid WEWS reporter Alan DePetro shows us the splendor and diversity of those participating in or watching Cleveland's 126th St. Patrick's Day parade.

In a minute and a half, DePetro introduces us to our friends and neighbors with ethic heritages from around the globe, including one child he nicknamed "Baby Bobka," who today would be 22 years old or so.

DePetro said while wind chills reported below zero,10,000 people attended the parade.

Enjoy and dress warmly and in green for this year's parade.

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