Video Vault: Bat boy recalls Cleveland's League Park, getting hot dogs for Babe Ruth

CLEVELAND - We often spend years with co-workers who have had some amazing life experiences hidden in their past.

That’s the case with one of our WEWS co-workers Jim Breslin.

Brez, as we called him, started at WEWS in early 1948, a couple of weeks after we went on the air.

He was a director, show host (Texas Jim and Professor Yul Flunk). He was  the man responsible for saving years of this station’s film and videotape archives from the trash heap, donating them to his alma mater John Carroll University.

What many of us didn’t know was he was a bat boy at Cleveland’s League Park.

The baseball field at the corner of East 66th Street and Lexington Avenue was the first home of the Cleveland Indians.

In a story shot in 1995, Breslin walks the grounds of old League Park with WEWS reporter Jim Hooley.

He reminisces about the great players of the day and how umpires wore suits and ties no matter how hot the weather.

Breslin, 13 or 14 years old at the time, was the visitor’s bat boy and it was in that roll he performed an amazing task. Brez brought Babe Ruth hot dogs, lots of hot dogs.

Doing his Babe Ruth impression Brez says, “Hey kid, go get me another hot dog, hey kid go get me another hot dog.” Seven hot dogs downed by the Bambino.

Jim Breslin had a great career here at WEWS, directing the Morning Exchange and many of Dorothy Fuldheim’s shows and segments.

He passed away in 2004 at age 85.

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