Video Vault: Dr. Ted Castele and his scary beginning as Cleveland's TV doctor in 1975

1985 Live On Five appearance

CLEVELAND - Doctor Ted Castele was celebrating ten years as our medical editor here at WEWS when he appeared on Live On Five with Wilma Smith in 1985.

He held that medical editor title for 25 years, translating medical terminology into an easy-to-understand concept for the Cleveland television audience.

Dr. Ted answered viewer calls, did live shots and did TV news stories in all of our newscasts, the Morning Exchange, the Afternoon Exchange and Live On Five. He also was featured on a series on WEWS called the Health Exchange.

In the clip from May, 1985, we begin with Wilma and Dr. Ted talking about how scared the good doctor was in his first TV live shot.

“There’s a sigh at the end of my voice,” he tells Wilma, “I was so glad when I got through with that 30-second spiel about health hints for the holidays.”

He told me recently how he became a trusted fixture on TV for a quarter of a century.

The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland offered him to all three local TV news departments in 1975.

“Channels 3 and 8 had no interest. Channel 5 loved the idea,” he said.

Dr. Ted was off and running, bringing us to the clip in the video player.

Click here to see Dr. Ted discussing "an apple a day" in 1979.

Wilma throws to a four-minute segment, a music montage with highlights from his first ten years on the air to the Jackson Browne song “Doctor My Eyes” and Alvin and the Chipmunks “The Witch Doctor.”

There are a few rare clips from the Cleveland Comedy Company in the segment. The WEWS comedy show aired in 1979 and 1980. Spoofing himself, Doctor Ted touts the benefits of drinking six glasses of prune juice before bed to help with a cold.

An incredulous Bob James, anchoring a fictitious newscast, asks Dr. Ted if that will cure a cold.

“No,” says the doctor, “but you’ll think twice before sneezing in bed.”

After the look back at his career, the doctor rolls up his sleeves and takes viewers’ phone calls.


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