Video Vault: Jerry Springer wants to be your governor

Vintage WEWS: June 1981

CINCINNATI - Jerry Springer wanted to be the Ohio’s governor in 1982. The outcome is a story you already know: He didn’t win. But he went onto have a very successful television career.

In 1981, he wasn’t known much outside the Cincinnati area. His strategy was to start advertising in other parts of the state and he started early.

“Bold and unexpected” is how WEWS reporter Roger Morris described reaction to Springer’s early TV campaigning here in the Cleveland area.

Morris went to Cincinnati in June 1981 to profile Springer. Springer’s career timeline has a few twists and turns, which make for an interesting story.

He finished third in the 1982 primary with half of the vote total of Richard Celeste, but some 210,000 people did cast their vote for Springer.

Our video player contains both the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. stories done by Morris and the only fighting you’ll see is Springer wrestling a bear. Yes, Springer wrestled a bear.

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