Video Vault: Johnny Mathis at the Front Row in 1984

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ohio - Looking through a tape from May, 1984, I came across video of Johnny Mathis appearing at the Front Row in Highland Heights.

A nice coincidence as Mathis is appearing this Saturday night, Oct. 19 at Playhouse Square.

Back on May 16, 1984, WEWS entertainment reporter Stu Levin has clips from the performance the prior evening and tells us Mathis will be performing all that week at the Front Row.

Watching Levin’s review, we wonder if we’re going to hear from the world-famous singer. Levin gives us some shots of Mathis, then a joke from comedienne Jeannine Bernier who performs with Mathis.

Levin tells us Mathis returns for an hour after Bernier and we do hear Mathis sing a bit of “My Foolish Heart”.

As an added feature, I’ve included old film of Mathis appearing at the lighting of Cleveland’s Public Square Christmas display in 1960.


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