Progressive Field food: Tispe Treats mini cupcakes contain shot of alcohol

Local companies provide food at ballpark

CLEVELAND - When you typically think of baseball game treats, it's usually the hot dogs, peanuts and beer. Well this year, the cupcakes may be stealing the show.

AUTS Tipse Treats is one of the new local companies providing food at Progressive Field.

Their mini cupcakes include a full shot of alcohol. The Kentucky Derby Pie cupcake contains Jack Daniels. Other cupcake include Kettle One and whipped vodka.

Chef Ed Michalski was talking with NewsChannel's Macie Jepson about the food specialties during "Good Morning Cleveland" Monday.

Other Local companies providing treats at Progressive Field include Sugardale hot dogs and Lou's Sausage for Kielbasa and Italian sausage

"Everywhere you go it's going to be a local deal," Chef Ed said.

Family-owned Beckers Bakery in Fairview Park is making the Buckeye cupcake and  Slices Pastries is offering the Amaretto cheesecake.

Whatever your choice, it's fun to indulge at while taking in an Indians' game.

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