Andrew Bynum to Cavs? Rumor mill spins

The Cavs have "unofficially" been busy in free agency agreeing to terms with point guard Jarrett Jack and small forward Earl Clark. They are expected to announce both signings on Wednesday, when the Cavaliers and the rest of the NBA can talk about what they have done.

So what is next? 

A rumor has been floating around that the Cavs are interested in Andrew Bynum for quite some time. The question is will it happen.

It would be hard for any team to want to sign Bynum to a long term deal after what happened in Philadelphia. Bynum's knees and lack of games last year make it risky.

But Marc Stein from ESPN adds fuel to the Bynum rumors to Cleveland.

Stein writes; "Sources close to the process told that the Cavaliers are legitimate contenders to sign Bynum after his lost season in Philadelphia, especially if the former Los Angeles Lakers All-Star is willing to sign a one-year deal."

It's what Sam Amico from has been saying since last August. The Cavs are interested.

Looking at a roster with Bynum, Andy Verajao, Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, and Tyler Zeller will be the best team the Cavs have put on the floor in the last three seasons. This is if the Cavs can get a deal done.

But, they will have to stay healthy. It will be the biggest key to the Cavs to trying to become a playoff team next year.




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