Cavaliers will make the number one overall pick but for who?

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio - We are counting down to the Cavaliers pick, the number one overall to start the 2013 NBA Draft, but who will the team actually be picking for.

The Cavaliers had until 2 p.m. eastern time today to trade the number one overall pick, that deadline came and went, which means the team must make a selection tonight sometime after 7:30 p.m. when the clock begins to tick. The Cavs will chose number one overall, that's fact, but will that player actually wear the wine and gold? The Cavaliers can continue to take offers and can actually pick for another team at number one and then trade that player away.

The general consensus here at Cavaliers headquarters is that the team is exploring every avenue and listening to every offer from who ever will pick up the phone and make them a deal right up until the card goes up into the hands of David Stern.

Polling the media here and the results have varied. Some members love the versatility of Maryland big man Alex Len, the 7-1 center from University of Maryland is a shot blocking, rebounding machine with a scoring touch around the rim. Ben McLemore the scoring guard out of Kansas is another hot topic here at Cavs HQ, as one media member said to me "who wouldn't want to pair McLemore with Kyrie in the back court, imagine how much fun they would be to watch".

The most popular opinion, trade the pick if you get anything worth while for it, especially a veteran player who can help you win now. The beauty about covering drafts, everybody has an opinion and nobody really knows expect for the Cavaliers and we are all about to find out what lies behind the door sitting directly in front of me very soon.

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