Cleveland Cavaliers await another 'decision,' this time from Andrew Bynum - are the fans ready?

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Almost three years to the day of "The Decision" with LeBron James, Cavaliers fans must now sit and wait on another one Wednesday.

July 8, 2010 LeBron told sports reporter Jim Gray on national television that he was "taking his talents to South Beach." It has been a decision that has haunted the fans and the city of Cleveland ever since. Today, almost three years later, the Cavs wait on another decision from free agent center Andrew Bynum. Now Bynum's decision is no where near as big as LeBron's three years ago but it does carry a lot of weight.

Bynum missed all of last season with a knee injury. It has been reported the Cavaliers have offered the free agent a two-year $24 million dollar deal with a club option on the second year. Atlanta, Bynum's hometown, and Dallas are the final three for his services. Cavs fans are fragile and I believe this decision could damage an already shaky fan psyche.

If Bynum choses the Cavaliers, it sends a message to the rest of the NBA, that Cleveland IS a good place to play, with an All-Star point Guard in Kyrie Irving the sky is the limit going forward and not to mention, reuniting with former coach Mike Brown, who Bynum had the best numbers of his career with when he was with the Lakers.

Why do we need this? Let's face it, everybody wants to feel wanted and that's what this is really all about for not only the Cavaliers but for the city of Cleveland and Cavs fans. We want you to chose us. I asked Cavs fans on my Twitter and Facebook page how fans were feeling about "The Decision" and got some interesting responses.

Jeff of Twitter says: "Why do we want Bynum to pick the Cavs? The guy has two bum knees and hasn't played in over a year.

Andy on Twitter: "Fingers crossed and nervous".

Anthony on Facebook: "Dallas isn't good. Cavs with Bynum is better than Mavs with Bynum"

Jack on Twitter says: "I feel we aren't getting him"

Cleveland fans are passionate people and some do wear their hearts on their sleeves but having someone say YES, I want to come play in Cleveland is a step in the right direction.

Andrew Bynum may not be the answer on the court, but off it his decision to play here could go a long way.

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