Mike Brown is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers as head coach; Team admits past mistake

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio - If you close your eyes and just look at the resume, it's a slam dunk.

Name an available coach who has never missed the playoffs, never lost in the first round. He's been to the NBA Finals. Then look for any coach who has more than three seasons minimum the league and has the sixth highest winning percentage of any coach in the NBA history at .653.

The name on top of the resume is Mike Brown. The Cavs head coach. Again.

"What inspires me and drive me is the passionate fan base we have here in Cleveland," Brown said at a news conference in Independence on Wednesday.

So now that Brown is back, the Cavs have admitted that letting him go three years ago not the correct move.

"It was a mistake for sure it was a mistake. When you get hindsight, as you all know, three years ago, which in NBA years, is 60 years ago. It was a unique time for us a franchise, uncertainty on all levels. We are very happy that we get to rectify any position we may have been back then by Mike being available right now," said team owner Dan Gilbert.

It became clear to general manager Chris Grant that Brown was the choice. 

"We did our due diligence. I was very clear pretty quickly when Mike and I first spoke on Friday and Saturday that this would be interesting for him. And we moved pretty quickly on that," Grant said.

The question now is can he be a coach who can develop a young team and a budding superstar, rather than one with superstars named LeBron or Kobe.

The Cavs wanted defense and they will get it. In six NBA seasons, Brown's worst year was 11th in the league.

On Wednesday, Brown was introduced to the fans again, almost three years to the day when he was fired.

Brown is glad to be back in Cleveland . Glad that his family is back. Glad to be coaching. He's not looking back that the last three years, where two knee-jerk firings could have set him back. He is looking ahead.

"This whole thing happened so quickly, I don't even think about what happened in L.A. or the past here. I'm just looking forward to getting started with this group of guys h ere and going forward with this group," Brown said.

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