Baskin's Blog: If Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur goes down swinging

CLEVELAND - You often hear this: "we all know this sport is a business." And it doesn't matter what sport it is. Reality is that no matter how many rookies or injuries a team may have, head coaches with new owners need wins to stick around.

In the case of the Cleveland Browns, it's not looking like five victories for a season is enough.

During head coach Pat Shurmur's news conference following the Sunday loss in Pittsburgh to the Steelers, Shurmur didn't want to discuss what was said in the locker room to his players. It's a rule he's stood by since day one.

"I have not spoken to Joe (Banner) or Jimmy (Haslam) in quite some time," was Shurmur's response when asked about his future.

Before the game, Shurmur said, "I asked my players to spend three more hours doing what they love to do."

But after the game, reality of what could be the future set in. Shurmur told the media what he knows is his schedule for the next 24 hours. He never mentioned meetings with upper management.

"We didn't win enough games... I've got no regrets," explained Shurmur following the rivalry loss. He made it very clear that the line of communication seemed slim with his bosses.

The reality of the business is harsh. In a world of class, the Browns would have some sort of an open line of communication with Shurmur. It doesn't appear that has happened. The fact that Shurmur, or even worse, and his family found out that his days are officially over from a media report isn't exactly the high road. It would appear that's not an attractive procedure to any future coach. But, that doesn't really matter when you someone offers you a one of only 32 jobs in the NFL.

Shurmur made it clear, with a repeat of his parting shot, that "I haven't spoken with Jimmy or Joe. You need to check with your league sources."

Those "league sources" are saying Shurmur is gone.

Browns fans, here we go... again. More change is on the way. In a franchise that longs for any consistency, inconsistency is the only constant. That and looking for a playoff win. It's two things Browns fans are used to getting every year.

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