Baskin's Blog: Is time on Browns side or not?

CLEVELAND - As the clock ticks, is it hard not to wonder if it's good or bad that the Browns do not have a head coach?

Browns fans are sitting back and waiting to see what will happen next. Wondering why the team couldn't land Chip Kelly, when all signs pointed to him being a happy man when he walked out of his interview in Phoenix.

What is happening as the days pass without a coach, with no comment from the Browns is the excitement for Browns fans gets antsy each day. 

Like the reaper coming from Lake Erie, the question is in the back of everybody's mind. Why would a good coach want to come to Cleveland?

We have thick skin when it comes to being the brunt of national jokes. But, the reality is that it is a hard sell to come to Cleveland for free agents or experienced coaches. 

It's why the Indians getting both Terry Francona and Nick Swisher, and the Cavs getting Byron Scott with no assurance that LeBron was staying have been refreshing stories. You need to take away the Cavs record for Scott.

Yes, we have nice summer and fall weather, great schools, a moderate cost of living compared to bigger cities. From a football standpoint, we have an engaged owner, a young and growing team, and what will be a lot of money to play with under the salary cap.

So here is what the Cleveland reaper makes you ponder as a fan. Coaches only have a 1-in-32 chance to be a head coach in the NFL. Would you rather stay in college than come to Cleveland? Would you rather be an assistant for another team in the NFL than come to Cleveland?  Why would the man who assembled this young and talented team be fired? Do you think this is the graveyard of coaches? Is the losing history of the last 20 years haunting anybody who would want to come to Cleveland? Does the uncertainty of not having a quarterback every year make you cringe? Could you be nervous playing for a first time owner, CEO, and unknown GM? 

These are all questions Browns fans hope the next great head coach doesn't get caught up on. I can wait until after the Super Bowl for a coach if the Browns can get this thing right. Chip Kelly not taking the job will be a good thing in the end. But, it's not just the Browns trying to get their guy. It's about beating Philadelphia, San Diego, Arizona, and Chicago.

Funny a week ago it felt like the Browns were the first team in line to get the coach they want, suddenly I'm worried the Browns will be the last team standing.

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