Baskin's Blog: Speculations on Browns first-round draft pick continue to last minute

CLEVELAND - The draft is finally here. We are already to hear the words "The Browns are on the clock."

This is the most important day in the football season outside of the games. In Cleveland, it's the day where the Browns are important. It's the benefit of another season of five wins.

My dream is for when draft day is not the most important day of the year for the Browns.

Let's be really honest, this is not a very sexy draft. Wide outs, running backs and quarterbacks are taking a back seat to defensive backs and offense and defensive lineman.  

This is also a confusing NFL Draft.

I've looked at mock draft after mock draft after mock draft. On Monday, they all looked like Dee Milliner was coming to the Browns.

The stories about Milliner's five surgeries are starting to scare folks off. I've heard about trading down over and over again. So it's no surprise that I'm now hearing about the Browns trading up. Is it to get Ziggy Ansah from BYU or Dion Jordan from Oregon?

Better take a Tylenol.

Oh wait, I just had someone tell me that Oakland is ready to make a deal and that Barkevious Mingo is the reason for the trade. Do they need to trade up to get a guy who looks like he's a mid-first rounder?

Just got off the phone with a fan who says the Browns should do whatever it takes to Geno Smith. Check. Get Geno Smith. I remember talking to a guy who watched him play in junior high. Says he doesn't like the way he grips the ball. Uncheck.

It's almost Advil time.  

Wait, just got a hot tip that the Browns are going to take tight end Tyler Eifert, from Notre Dame. Wait, is that with the sixth pick? Wait, Minnesota has two picks in the first round. They want to trade up. A buddy's cousin who was at the Twins game says I should bank on that deal.  

Oh. Just got a call from a guy in Utah. Says he bumped into one of Ziggy's buddy's. A guy named Elwin. He says don't worry about the fact Ziggy has admitted to a lack of stamina. He just watched him run from Salt Lake City to Park City, Utah. Didn't even break a sweat. The Browns must really want him.

Wait, do they? Let's see what says the Browns will do.

Maybe I need Tums instead.

Great. Six Mock drafts. Who do they have the Browns taking? Mike Mayock says the Browns are taking Geno Smith with the sixth pick. Ugh. He's buddies with Mike Lombardi, right? This must be a done deal.

Still on Bucky and Josh say the Browns are taking Dee Milliner. Gil says Dion Jordan. 

I'm done. I'm just going to wait and see what actually happens Thursday night. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. You have three days to enjoy the greatest show in football.

This sure beats rooting for an offensive lineman at the Pro Bowl.

The draft is here, real answers. I'm glad I am off the clock.

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