Browns training camp updates July 29, 2013

8:25 pm   Here are a few of the things Head Coach Rob Chudzinski had to say after practice.

Opening statement:

"We will start out with a medical report. Josh Gordon had some patella tendinitis in his knee. He started out, tried to push through it, but we sat him down for the rest of practice. I'm not concerned about it, shouldn't be too big of a deal. As far as these first five days of practice, I have been real pleased with the progress we've made. The competitiveness out there, the guys are working extremely hard. I'm seeing progress in all areas, so I'm really pleased with these first five days. We will have tomorrow where the players will have off. That's a mandatory off day for the players. Then we will be back Wednesday and go full pads."

On if Gordon tweaked something in practice:

"No, it had just been bothering him. He had gone through a little bit of the individual and it was bothering him enough that we stopped it."

On being okay with interceptions this early in camp:

"I am never okay with interceptions, but that is generally. When you are out here and you are asking the guys to learn plays and learn to understand what certain throws are. You want to see them push the envelope out here. This is a little bit different than a game would be. You still, at the same time, do not want to see interceptions, but you do want to see guys make throws and work on the throws that they are going to need to be able to complete within working in the system."

On the weather so far during camp:

"You have to balance things as it gets hotter; the reps are less. This actually works in our favor, where we can get in more reps, particularly this time in camp with the younger guys."

On Chris Owens:

"He's done a nice job. I am really pleased with our secondary and the job those guys have done. Again, going back, it is a competitive group. I love going over there and watching the one-on-ones with the receivers. They are working. I really see improvement in a technique standpoint and that's what you're asking the group to do. They're dialed in."

On how effective Greg Little could be in the Red Zone:

"Greg has good size and he's a physical player. With less space down there in the Red Zone, that becomes a premium and can really help."

On Jordon Norwood catching his attention:

"He has. He's had a good camp so far. He's made plays. He's been able to run good routes and able to separate and really caught the ball well. He's healthy."

On Josh Cooper playing well:

"Josh is well. He is healthy. During the spring time he has battled a couple injuries, so I hadn't seen a lot of him, but he has done a nice job in there."

On installing the two-minute drill:

"We installed our two-minute drill today. We got a chance to practice that out on the field. The first set, we needed field goals and the second set, we needed touchdowns. Those guys did a nice job. We actually had a kickoff prior to practice to see who would kick with the ones during the two-minute drill. Shayne (Graham), in the pre-practice, had won. I don't know if you saw the "dueling" kickers that we had."

On how he felt about the two-minute drill:

"Well, it was a mix. There was one or two early that the offense that they did well. The defense ended up stopping the offense down tight later on. So, it's good to have that back-and-forth. We really want to focus on the situations that come up. We will continue to work those different types of situations where we purposely set up to try to cover everything that can happen at the end of the game."

On whether Josh Gordon will need an MRI:

"We will see about that. I am not concerned about it. It doesn't look to be too serious, but I will let you know tomorrow on that. Obviously, as far as reps, we want our guys to get as many reps as possible, especially our young guys."

On whether Saturday will be a scrimmage or practice:

"It will be basically a practice."

On  the  possibility of keeping both kickers:

"We're really looking for one kicker. I am not saying that there is no way we would keep two. Obviously, one is ideal."

On how the kickers are doing:

"It's a really tight competition. They, both, are doing really well. We will continue to work through that and into the preseason games."

6:53  More to come later tonight. Including a story on a few wide outs looking to make the team.

6:30 WR Josh Gordon missed the end of today's session with with patella tendinitis.

5:30 Pretty much same story today as the other days. No pads makes things hard to read. Offense should always look better in 11-on-11 drills.  WR's Greg Little,Josh Cooper, Devon Bess, and Jordan Norwood all looked strong in drills.  Brandon Weeden had a touchdown pass intercepted by Chris Owens. Guys have been working on the kicking game, and hurry up offense this afternoon.

4:01 Not practicing today.  Desmond Bryant, Oniel Cousins,Tashaun Gipson, Montario Hardesty,  Ryan Miller

4:00 Guys not in full pads. Special teams FG gets practice underway.

3:24 pm The Browns are coordinating with major cell-service providers to provide fans in and around the stadium a much stronger phone signal than they've seen in the past.

Starting on August 8th fans can expect to enter the stadium more quickly than in prior seasons. That's because the Browns have installed 20 new turnstiles and 44 new security screening chutes. Those improvements will allow an additional 4,000 fans to enter the stadium every 15 minutes, compared to 2012.

The Browns also have hired Contemporary Services Corporation, to focus on each fan's safety and overall experience.

The team will add a drum line and two different D.J's as well as speakers on the field to enhance the game day experience. The team acknowledged.

The Browns want more feedback from the fans. They will also have more stadium enhancements in the near future.

2:44 p.m.. Cloudy and overcast in Berea. Temperatures in the low 70's high 60's.

At 3:00 Browns President Alex Scheiner will talk to the media about the new game day enhancements at First Energy Stadium this year.

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More to come. -Andy Baskin

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