Cleveland schoolchildren offer Cleveland Browns pointers after loss

CLEVELAND - Antonio Pope may be in fourth grade, but his football insights into the Cleveland Browns shortcomings are getting him high marks.

Pope has some ideas on how Browns players can help out quarterback Brandon Weeden.

"First, you have to start blocking for him. They have to catch passes and not let it go by them, because Weeden, he was doing some good passes, but they wouldn't catch them. He was standing like ‘hut hut' and everybody came from here and here and nobody's blocking for him, so Weeden's throwing the ball right behind them, and they should be able to catch it, but they were just standing there, letting it slip out of their hands for an interception," Pope said.

Fifth grader Adam Sedlock's sports love is firmly found in baseball and tennis, but he loves the Browns too. He watched the Browns game while he listened to the Indians game on the radio.

"It was Sunday afternoon and dad has dubbed that family time, so I went inside and watched the game while listening to the Indians and both games lost unfortunately. The first game was really disappointing," Sedlock said.

Sedlock's insight is there were a lot of players who just weren't doing their job.

"The offensive line didn't do that great of a job protecting Brandon Weeden. He was under pressure a lot and was hurrying a lot," Sedlock said.

Fourth grader Siomha Kenney likes to watch games with her father, but had to tell him to tone it down during the game when she was younger. It was a bit too stressful.

"He stopped yelling out stuff because I didn't really like it when I watched the game when I was, like, four and five with him and I didn't like it. It stressed me out and made me like scared, so I told him to stop and he doesn't make that much noise anymore," Kenney said.

She also thinks Browns fans are little too serious for her liking.

"It's sports; it's supposed to fun and not so stressed out. It's really just for fun," Kenney said.

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