Quarterback wanted: Cleveland Browns fan posts ad on Craigslist for Brandon Weeden's replacement

CLEVELAND - An ad on the popular classifieds website Craigslist is soliciting for a new Cleveland Browns quarterback.

After the Browns 31-17 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, many fans are clamoring for quarterback Brandon Weeden's replacement.

Among the lowlights of the loss was Weeden's failed attempt at a shovel pass to running back Chris Ogbonnaya with less than five minutes in the game. The ball was easily picked off, strengthening the end of the Browns three-game win streak.

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"The Cleveland Browns, as you may have noticed, are having problems scoring points on offense consistently," the poster wrote.

The ad was posted on Monday, and asks for anyone who has ever played football or the Madden video games. It also specifies that people who attended the University of Florida should not apply.

"If you're sick of seeing desperation heaves to the sidelines, countless sacks after superb coverage and underhanded lightly tossed interceptions in the fourth quarter, then please come apply," the poster wrote. "If you can throw a ball, come apply! If you can't' come anyway."

Read the rest of the Craigslist post here: http://on.wews.com/195N9jZ

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