St. Ignatius football coach, players excited for starting Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer


The campus of St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland was buzzing on Wednesday after the announcement that 2004 graduate Brian Hoyer would be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns this Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

"It's so great that he plays for the Browns and we can all cheer him on, the city of Cleveland, especially St. Ignatius," said Carter Spearry, a student from Rocky River.

His former coach, Chuck Kyle, recalled Hoyer as a young man with great composure and work ethic. He also said he was a talented drop back passer with a strong arm and quick release.

Kyle acknowledged Hoyer has a difficult task ahead of him-- trying to direct the Browns to their first victory after starting the season at 0-2.

"I think what he has to do right now, and he knows this, is to manage the game. He doesn't have to be a hero right here. What he needs to do is manage the game," Kyle said.

Current St. Ignatius football players said they're proud that one of their own will be leading the Browns.

"Everyone is more aware of it now and I'm sure they'll be watching the Browns more than they did last Sunday," said Dan Jamieson, who plays defensive back.

Other home state boys' "living out their dreams" stories haven't ended so well in the land of brown and orange. Charlie Frye, of Willard, and Brady Quinn, from Dublin, never had much success with the team.

Chris Keane, a St. Ignatius senior and defensive lineman, said he believes Hoyer will have a better run and it all starts this weekend.

"I expect to see him come out poised as ever and throw a couple of touchdown passes and hand the ball of to Trent Richardson. I'm calling for a 24-7 victory over the Vikings," Keane said.

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