Your reaction: Cleveland Browns hire Rob Chudzinski as head coach

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Cleveland Browns hire Rob Chudzinski as head coach

The Cleveland Browns confirmed to NewsChannel5 Sports Director Andy Baskin that former Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski will be the next head coach.

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for everyone who is mad by the hire, get to know Chudzinski. He made DEREK ANDERSON a PRO BOWLEREvan Steele
I am begging you Chudzinski, please don't switch to a 3-4 defense. We have such a deep d-line for a 4-3 defense and Jauron is a good DC.Graeme Mohan
Same on Shurmur, wasn't my first choice, but I can only judge what Chudzinski's team does. So I can't fly off the handle for awhile.Ken Carman
really #browns ......rob chudzinski as HC.....i hope you people know what youre doingDan Kinczel
Rob chudzinski? Idk about that browns...hope he's around awhileTyler Kvach

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