Glenville High Morelle McCane is student athlete of the week

CLEVELAND - On the basketball court with the Lady Tarblooders of Glenville High School is where I found this week's student athlete, senior Morelle McCane. Morelle is a role model on the team.

"She's a pure example of any athlete anywhere doesn't matter what school you go to you can be the best and Morelle has proven that and she's the top of the line student athlete and were blessed to have her here at Glenville," said head girls basketball coach Yvonne Renee Wright.

Right after basketball practice, Morelle mixes it up in the boxing ring getting ready for an upcoming Golden Glove boxing match. She's also a peer tutor and is taking an engineering robotics course at Tri-C.

"My academics is so important to me because I thought it was my only way out I don't come from riches but I don't think that should hold you back you strive for the best so you can become the best," said Morelle.

Congratulations to basketball player and boxer Morelle McCane of Glenville High School, the McDonald's student athlete of the week.

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