Mentor High School holds championship basketball pep rally

MENTOR, Ohio - The city of Mentor is swelling with pride and smiles these days and for good reason. The Mentor High School basketball team won its first-ever division I state title, beating Toledo Rogers 76-67 in Columbus Saturday night.

The city showed its appreciation for the team's sweet victory with a homecoming and pep rally in the school's gymnasium.

It was packed with Cardinal backers from all over. When the team arrived fresh off the bus and through the gym, the crowd erupted in cheers.

The team went around the whole gym, giving high fives to everyone. They even went up to the second level of bleachers, wanting everyone to be involved and share in the moment.

Coach Bob Krizancic, along with three team captains, gave short and precise thank you speeches. They showed no ego, proving it all happened with teamwork.

Coach K said the team's goal was to go all the way from the start and just getting to Columbus wouldn't have been enough.

Senior starter Jeff Foreman said the Mentor community has supported the team so well from the start and it didn't surprise him to see so many fans in the gym to celebrate the victory.

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