5 ways to boost your immunity naturally to beat the flu

CLEVELAND - With the number of flu cases spreading across the country, one health and fitness expert offers 5 ways to boost your immunity naturally.

Budge Collinson is the founder of Infusion Sciences and creator of natural multivitamin producer, Youth Infusion. He says you should always consult with your doctor about your health decisions.

5 Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

- Vitamin D: This more than other vitamins is key to preventing disease and maintaining strong bone strength. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight, but since it’s rare in the winter, you can get your daily dose of it through certain foods like salmon and tuna. It’s also available through vitamin supplements and in pill or powder form.

- Add more garlic to your diet: Eating certain foods can give you the extra boost you need to keep your immune system strong. One of those foods is garlic because of its is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Those help prevent infections from taking hold and spreading.

- Sleep: When your body is tired, it doesn’t have the strength to fight off infection. This is why getting a good night’s rest is key in keeping disease away.

- Get moving: Exercise is well known to being key in keeping you healthy. But doing it on a daily basis can help give your immune system an extra boost.

- Water, water, water: You can never say it -- or get -- enough. It’s increasingly important that you stay hydrated and drink water. That’s at least six to eight, eight ounce glasses a day. It keeps your energy up and also helps boost your immunity.

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