Chardon assistant coach who chased shooter out of high school wishes he could have done more

CHARDON, Ohio -  

Word of a heroic teacher at Chardon High School spread almost as fast as the news of the shooting.

On Monday, students told NewsChannel5 crews about how a teacher/assistant coach who put his life at risk, chased the suspected gunman, student Thomas "TJ" Lane, out of the cafeteria, where the shootings took place Monday morning.

NewsChannel5’s Jenn Strathman spoke with Frank Hall Tuesday.

Assistant football coach Hall can’t say much about the incident yet. The school district wants staff members to be sensitive about the investigation and Hall is trying to honor that.

“I just want to say that I’m sorry for the families and the victims” he said, seemingly shook up by the tragic events one day ago.

But many of the students at the school are calling Hall a hero. They credit him for Lane not hurting more people and chasing the shooter out of the school.

Hall is more humble about his actions. “I wish I could have done more,” he said.

Coach Hall's humble attitude is not surprising those who know him in Jefferson, Ohio, where he lives.

"He is just that kind of guy who would do anything to help anybody," Jefferson resident Anita Licate said. "We are very lucky we know him and have people like him in our community."

The focus in both communities is now turning to those who lost their lives. Hall spoke about the students involved, and called them “tremendous."

The town is rallying together tying ribbons around trees and businesses to honor the lives lost. Flowers are also arriving at many homes.

"We delivered a lot of things today for students, teachers, faculty and miscellaneous people involved," Brian Ward of Witig's Floral said.

Flowers were delivered to the home of Joe Ricci. He is the other teacher who so many students say also saved lives. His family is requesting privacy at this time as the community begins to process what happened and begins to heal. 

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