Tremont problem property has barrels, tires, pipes in yards

CLEVLEAND - We have been asking for your government services complaints here in NE Ohio. Today, we went tackling a problem property that neighbors say has been an issue for years now.

We inspected a house in Tremont on Starkweather Avenue and found rusted out railings, overgrown weeds, and so much more.

"Those belong to this house," said Brett, who didn't want to use his last name, but showed us roofing shingles that he said fell off the roof. "It's unconscionable that an owner could let a home get into this condition," he told us.

In addition to the roof shingles and bad pipes, there are even more rusted pipes sitting in the back yard. There are many barrels, a collection of hubcaps, old tires and more. All of that among a neighborhood wanting to be clean, business-friendly and neighbor-friendly.

"People pay their taxes. They maintain their property," said Brett. "Tremont is a vibrant and upcoming neighborhood."

Brett said the owner blows off his requests to get the property cleaned up. We tracked down where the owner lives. He called us back, assuring us that by the end of June he would have the vast majority of the property cleaned up and that he has fixed the roof since the shingles fell off.

"Our goal is always public safety," said Cleveland's Building Department Director Ron O'Leary. He said the department gets 12,000 complaints a year, but there's a systematic approach to inspecting the city and codes will be enforced." Property owners beware.

"And if they don't comply with it, then they will wind up in housing court in front of Judge Pianka," said O'Leary.

Meanwhile, Brett is waiting. "Clean this property up. Be a responsible owner," said Brett.

Director O'Leary immediately filed a complaint about the property on Starkweather and it will be checked on.

If you want to file a complaint about problem properties, call the building department hotline at 216-664-2007 or email

And if you have any government serves complaints like water bills, blighted properties, garbage collection, make sure to fill out a form right here.


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