Taeler De Haes


Taeler De Haes

Birthplace: Irving, Texas

Education: University of Missouri – Columbia, Investigative Reporting, MA, Broadcast Journalism, BA, International Relations, BA

Current Position/Job Duties: Reporter

Previous Work Experience: Investigative Reporter – KYTX, Tyler, TX

Joined News 5: August 2019

Most Memorable Stories: Investigation into a speed trap

News Philosophy: Have the community’s best interest in mind, and at heart. Use journalism as a platform to right the wrongs and preserve democracy. Finally, while I am a journalist, I am a human being first.

Favorite Sports Teams: I think I’m obligated to say the Dallas Cowboys, but I’m sure Cleveland could change my mind with time.

Favorite Music: I’m a sucker for good drumming. Naturally, I’m drawn to alternative, rock and pop punk.

Favorite Movie: Anything scary.

Favorite Program: I could watch endless episodes of "Shark Tank" and "Friends" without ever getting bored.

Favorite Food: Coming from a foodie who competes in fitness competitions, I pride myself in finding the best local spots. I’m a sucker for a good burger with sweet potato fries, craft donuts and sushi.

Hobbies & Interests: Outside from work, I compete in both bodybuilding and power-lifting.

You're most likely to see me around town at: You can find me at the gym, teaching cycling classes or in a coffee shop diving into a new book.

Hidden Talent: I’m a drummer.

Something most people don't know about me: I can speak Mandarin.

What I like best about Northeast Ohio: I love the close-knit feel in such a big city. Everywhere you go, even at the checkout line at the grocery store, people ask how your day is going.

On the weekends I love to: On the weekends, I love turning my alarm off, finding hole-in-the-wall brunch spots and seeing live music.