Gas prices continue to go up in northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND - Gas prices have risen for 32 consecutive days and are showing no sign of slowing down. The average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline around northeast Ohio is $3.80.

Justine Miller, a mother of five, filled up her tank Monday morning at a cost of nearly $50.

"A big dent in the wallet," she said. The high price of gasoline is putting the brakes on her spending, entertainment. "The unnecessary things, like I see a purse I want but just can't do that anymore."

AAA said gas prices have risen for the past 32 days. But the question drivers want answered is why are prices so high?

Phil Bessler, Business Clinic Director at Baldwin Wallace University, said there are three factors that drive up the cost of gasoline: the price of crude oil, refineries and distribution, retail and taxes. The reason for this spike, Bessler said, is the price of crude.

"The prices of crude is the biggest component, the biggest variable," Bessler explained.

Commodity traders are also nervous about Iran, and refineries are getting ready for the summer blend.

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