Teen drivers one of state's most at-risk groups on the road when it comes to crashes

CLEVELAND - Teen drivers remain one of Ohio's most at-risk groups when it comes to being involved in a traffic crash.

According to the Ohio Highway Patrol, from 2010-2012, teen drivers were at fault in over 100,000 traffic crashes, resulting in 44,458 injuries and 299 deaths on Ohio's roadways. Teen drivers were at fault in 10 percent of all fatal crashes during the same time period.

Troopers say while the causes of crashes varies, 57 percent of crashes caused by teenagers involved speeding. In fact, from 2010 to 2012, 62 percent of the citations issued to teen drivers were for speeding, 18 percent for not wearing a seat belt.

In a news release, Lt. Jerad Sutton, commander of the Ashtabula Post said, "No one else is in control of the vehicle except for the person behind the wheel. That is why responsibility, awareness and safety are so important for our youngest drivers."

Troopers said it is no secret that teen drivers are inexperienced and at times can make poor decisions. That is why last August, the patrol partnered with the Ohio High School Athletic Association to launch a program to educate high school students in the state, as well as student athletes, about the dangers new drivers face.

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