Forecast: Highs in the 50s thru Wednesday

CLEVELAND - 10:00 pm Update:  Dense fog is being reported already in the Akron/Canton area as well as from Toledo to Findlay to the Lake Erie Islands. Visibilities are already down to 1/4 mile. I would expect many school delays and slow travel across Northern Ohio Tuesday morning!

9:00 pm Update: Warm air is moving over a very cold snow pack across Northern Ohio right now. Temperatures tonight will drop into the middle 40s. Patchy dense fog is likely tonight, especially over areas where the snow has been heavy over the past week. Visibility will likely drop below 1/2 mile at times. Drive safely tonight!

More mild air surging in for Tuesday. High temperatures will climb into the upper 50s. A few isolated rain showers will move in after 10 am. Skies will be mostly cloudy thru the day.

Another arctic cold front will arrive on Wednesday, quickly pushing out the mild air and ushering in more cold and snow. The front will arrive during the early to mid afternoon hours. Ahead of the front I expect a line of heavy rain and thunderstorms around midday. Although the storms will not be severe, they could produce some brief gusty winds to 35 mph. Highs during the morning will be in the middle and upper 50s. Temperatures will fall back into the 40s by the evening commute.


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Under mainly cloudy skies, temps will continue to climb for the rest of the day as highs reach into the upper 40s. A few scattered showers will continue to develop through the day, but we'll also have dry breaks through the day.

Temps have risen into the upper 40s, with mostly cloudy skies. Some drizzle, or light rain is possible.

Update: Temperatures have jumped to the low 40s across Northeast Ohio and ice/sleet has melted nicely.

Patchy rain and drizzle will continue through the afternoon. It will also be breezy, with gusts to 25 mph. Temperatures warm to the upper 50s Tuesday and Wednesday before a sharp cold front arrives Wednesday afternoon.
Warmer air is quickly flooding Northeast Ohio behind a warm front. Freezing rain has moved east, although there still may be a few patches near the Pennsylvania state line.

The temperature in Cleveland is 38 degrees, while areas farther east are around 34 degrees. It will take a while for untreated surfaces to thaw this morning. Major highways are reporting icy spots. Secondary streets may still be sleet and ice covered. Please be careful!

Temperatures will continue to climb to the low 40s by noon. On-and-off showers are likely for the rest of the day.

Don't worry about freezing temperatures overnight. Temperatures will climb to near 50 degrees early Tuesday.

Passing showers are possible Tuesday with highs in the upper 50s. Southern counties may hit 60 degrees!

A strong cold front approaches Wednesday. Rain is likely in the morning with much colder air arriving in the afternoon. Scattered snow showers are possible Wednesday evening with temperatures falling to the 20s.

Highs stay in the 20s Thursday through Sunday with scattered lake effect snow showers.

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