5 TIPS: Tricks to staying warm when the weather turns cold in northeast Ohio

NewsChannel5's viewers share their secrets

CLEVELAND - This week has brought with it the coldest temps northeast Ohio has seen since March and a powerful winter storm is bearing down as Thanksgiving Day approaches.

So NewsChannel5 turned to its viewers to ask: How do you stay warm when it gets cold?

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Here are our favorites:

#5) Hibernate!

Lisa Pyt Sims tells us that’s her first option. But when that fails, she says she turns to time-tested tricks like layering and wearing a hat and scarf.

#4) Microwaveable heat packs

Both Jen Wallis-Walker, who makes her own, and Rebekah Watkins said these are part of their winter routine.

#3) Sleep with a friend.

Man’s best friend, that is. Tim Street says, “My dogs like to sleep on me. They're big, hairy, and WARM!” If you’re more of a cat person, Debbie Bower says that’s okay. She keeps two on her with fleece blankets and fleece sheets.

#2) Toughen up, “freeze baby.”

If you see Richard T. Morton working outside, you’re probably wondering why he’s wearing shorts. “It works for me to ‘climatize’ myself to colder weather as early in the fall as possible… …Then when it gets real cold I am better prepared.” The rest he leaves up to good outerwear but stresses: “good boots to keep the feet dry are essential.”

#1) Bake cookies!

Ginger Piroch says she throws on an apron when the weather gets cold. Makes sense too. A hot oven and some warm, fresh cookies sound like a great set-up for the winter chill.

BONUS: “Never wear your boots too tight.”

That’s the advice Kurt Kuster has for his fellow northeast Ohioans. That and wearing layers, eating hearty food and buying warm socks that wick moisture. Hey, if it works for him!

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