New and old neighbors deal with heavy flooding along River Styx Road in Medina County

MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio - River Styx Road in Medina County's Montville Township was transformed into a river Wednesday night, as floodwaters turned homes into islands and forced emergency crews to bring in a boat to rescue residents of one home.

Neighbor Ron Skirpstas saw it coming.

"We were sitting in our backyard and all of a sudden a couple of peat moss bags floated away and then I looked in the back and I saw the river crest," Skirpstas said.

The Motil family waited anxiously as the water lapped at their front door.

"It's going in the garage and our family room is a step down and it's going in that. If the water starts coming down, our sump pump will be good enough to keep it from hitting the main floor," Luke Motil said.

He said his family has seen this before, 10 years ago this month to be exact, so they knew what to expect, but their new neighbors did not.

That's because for them, this was the day they were moving in. The movers barely had enough time to get their trucks out of harm's way as the water rose.

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