Hot summer? Yes; Historic heat? Not yet: Check most 90-degree summers in Cleveland area

CLEVELAND - By definition, a "Heat Wave" is at least three days in a row with high temperatures climbing up to 90 degrees or higher.

Monday's high temperature in Cleveland touched 91 degrees. That makes one. Tuesday's high fell a degree shy at 89 degrees.

So in Greater Cleveland, we are starting over. Akron and Canton hit 92 degrees on Monday and 91 degrees on Tuesday.

Everyone still has a chance for the "heat wave." Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should see high temperatures once again flirt with the 90-degree mark.

During a typical year, Northern Ohio averages anywhere between six and nine days of 90 degrees or higher. So far this summer, we've had three 90-plus degree days. That's a far cry from last year. 2012's hot summer produced 28 days of 90-plus.

That's still not a record.

In 1952 and 1955, Cleveland and northern Ohio temperatures reached 90 degrees or higher 37 times during each of those two years.

It touched 90 degrees or warmer on 33 separate days in 1953; 1954 reached that mark 22 times.

When you add it all up, over the course of four years (May, June, July, August, September) between 1952 and 1955, Greater Cleveland reached 90 degrees or warmer a whopping 129 times.

The year 1988 was also a year to remember. That summer was characterized by drought and heat. During the warm season that year, we reached the 90-degree mark or higher on 35 separate days.

The 1940s also had a couple of steamy summers. In 1944, we hit 90 degrees or higher 31 separate times. In 1949, we touched that mark 27 different times.

1952 = 37
1955 = 37
1988 = 35
1953 = 33
1944 = 31

2012 = 28

1949 = 27
1941 = 23
1991 = 22
1954 = 22
1995 = 20

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