Mark Johnson spring forecast: Spring begins Wednesday, but the weather will stay cold

CLEVELAND - The first day of spring 2012 was a scorcher! The high was 83 degrees. It felt like we all moved to South Carolina. Most late winter months aren't like that in Ohio. And this year will be proof of that.

The average high temperature on the first day of spring for Cleveland should be 48 degrees. We'll be lucky to reach 32 degrees on Wednesday this year. That's a full 16 degrees BELOW normal. Akron & Canton's normal high for the Spring Equinox is also 48 degrees. You will need your warm coats this year.

And there is no sign that this abnormally cold weather is going away anytime soon. High temperatures through Monday of next week for Cleveland will reach up only into the 30s each day. Akron and Canton may manage a 40 degree day or two over the next week.

What's more, the colder than normal temperatures will hang around through at least the end of March. Current computer forecasts suggest a reach toward 50 degrees for a day or two the first week of April.

With the colder temperatures lingering, so does the threat for snow. Forecasts indicate the threat for enough snow to shovel around March 25 and possibly again on March 29. This will definitely keep your daffodil blooms in limbo!

The bottom line: Winter refuses to give up its grip on northern Ohio. What a difference a year makes! You can catch my official spring 2013 forecast this Wednesday evening on NewsChannel5 at 11 p.m. See you then.

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