NBA finals: WEWS meteorologist Mark Johnson tries to do forecast without mentioning the word heat

No Heat! Mark does weather without word

Power of 5 meteorologist Mark Johnson tried to do the weather Friday morning without mentioning the word heat.

Johnson was upset that the Heat beat the Spurs in Game 7 to win the NBA finals. And his forecast was delayed until after midnight.

Non hot, trepid, mild – Those a are just a few of terms Johnson used. Although the heat slipped in a few times, he tried hard.

"I'm tracking stuff – How do I put this? No, I can't say that.  I'll use this sultriness," he said.

Since the weather is warming up in northeast Ohio Johnson ran out of words. He just used "Ninja Turtles" to describe the heat instead.

You might remember it was just one year again that Johnson rant on the Heat vs. Thunder went viral.

You can watch both videos in the player at the top.

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